Classic chopping board and Victorinox 22cm knife
Classic Cutting Board + Victorinox 22cm Chef Knife + Food Scoop : Set $177.00 NZD
+ Quick Shop
Patented light weight plastic food cutting board with biased bar
Classic Lite Food Cutting Board + Food Scoop : Set $128.00 NZD
+ Quick Shop
Classic Lite cutting board and Stirex U2 chef knife
Classic Lite Cutting Board + Stirex Chef Knife 20cm + Food Scoop : Set $176.00 NZD
+ Quick Shop
Red plastic Cibocal food scoop
Cibocal Food Scoop + Non-slip Mat $28.00 NZD
+ Quick Shop

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I was impressed how easy it is to use.

26, May, 2016

 I was impressed with how easy it is to use and how many trips across the kitchen I didn't have to do as the scoop holds so much ... 

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New website launched.

14, July, 2015

It’s all about mobile devices. The propeller heads are saying 90% of us will own a smartphone and 78% a tablet by 2018. The population is ageing and our eyes aren't getting any better. I'm predicting big things for Specsavers.

Our old website was also showing its age. This new site …

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