Chop veggies even if you have dexterity issues

by Graham Drummond 23 April, 2017

Cibocal helps you chop veggies even if you have dexterity issues. Home cooks with hand dexterity issues can now chop vegetables with ease using the Cibocal cutting board …

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Cibocal Bar Kit Fitting Instructions

by Graham Drummond 07 September, 2016

Cibocal bar kit fitting instructions

Instruction sheet with drilling template included with each bar kit.

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New website launched.

by Graham Drummond 14 July, 2015

Website homepage displayed on iMac, iPad and iPhone

It’s all about mobile devices. The propeller heads are saying 90% of us will own a smartphone and 78% a tablet by 2018. The population is ageing and our eyes aren't getting any better. I'm predicting big things for Specsavers.

Our old website was also showing its age. This new site …

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Cibocal Food Scoop - user guide

by Graham Drummond 16 January, 2015

Illustrated user guide for Cibocal food scoopReceive this illustrated user guide with every Cibocal Food Scoop.


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Cibocal Cutting Board - user guide

by Graham Drummond 14 January, 2015

Illustrated user guide for Cibocal Food Cutting Board thumbnail

We include this illustrated user guide with every cutting board and food scoop.

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My journey living with RA - NRSA Spring Newsletter

by Graham Drummond 10 April, 2014

NRAS Spring Newsletter article April 2014

A small article I wrote talking about my journey living with RA published in the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society Magazine in the United Kingdom.

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Graham's magical chopping board designer - Idealog

by Graham Drummond 10 November, 2013

Graham’s magical cutting board feature in Idealog

Idealog - Graham Drummond invented the Cibocal chopping board as a way to circumvent the difficulties prevented by his arthritis. People told him "don't give up your day job", but he's been on it 100 percent since last October.

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Inventor set for slice of success - Nelson Mail

by Graham Drummond 23 July, 2013

Nelson Mail article on Graham Drummond’s invention
Nelson Mail - "A man suffering from a crippling disability has invented a product to give fellow sufferers their independence - one meal at a time".
Feature written about Graham and the story behind … 


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My Story - I've got what?

by Graham Drummond 08 July, 2013

Illustration of a man using a pair of crutches to walk

The doctor said “Graham, you have Rheumatoid Arthritis” and I replied, “What’s that?” I was 20 years old and had just begun a career in land surveying and remember thinking at the time this could be a bit inconvenient. I was to learn a few years later it really sucked!

I had begun experiencing joint pain ...

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