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Classic Food Cutting Board + Food Scoop


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    • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
    • Pick up and carry one handed using the bar
    • Lightweight board for easier handling
    • Dimpled surface helps reduce dulling of your knife blades
    • 'Orange peel' finish minimises marks and scars on the surface of the board
    • Bacteria free non porous plastic
    • Stain, odour and mildew resistant plastic
    • Reverse the board for a second food prep surface
    • Free standing feature enables board to drain and air dry
    • Board Size: 40 x 28 x 1.9cm / 15 x 11 x 0.75-inch
    • Weight: 2.21kg / 4.9lb
    • Colour: Natural
    • Board Material: HDPE-High Density Polyethylene; FDA approved plastic  
    • Proudly manufactured in New Zealand 


    • Generous size 6-plus cup capacity food scoop; safely transfer food prep and trimmings from the board to a plate, bowl or pot with no fuss or mess using one hand.
    • Safely and securely retain the Cibocal cutting board by placing the the Non-slip Mat. under the board which raises it slightly above the bench, enabling the food scoop to be fitted to one end and secured in place.
    • If you lack workspace, no problem! The scoop can ‘hang’ over the edge of the bench, held securely securely in place by the board.
    • Use the mat to give you added grip to open screw tops and jar lids.
    • Scoop Size: 26cm x 28cm x 3cm / 10.2-inch x 11-inch x 1.2-inch
    • Weight: 220g / 0.5lb
    • Colour: Food Grade Red
    • Material: BPA free FDA approved Polypropylene (PP)
    • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand


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