Choosing the best knife

It’s important to use a Cook or Chef knife, sometimes referred to as a Cook’s Blade. The shape of the blade in combination with the chopping boards patented biased bar mechanism, is the secret to the cutting performance. If you already own a Chef or Cook's knife, then you’re ready to go. If you don’t have the correct knife they are readily available from any kitchenware outlet or online, including our own store.
We offer two internationally recognised brand of knives, Victorinox and Stirex. We chose these two brands because they work superbly with our boards, enhancing the entire cooking experience.


What size knife should I choose?

  Whatever size knife you choose, you need to feel confident using it. While using a larger knife with a Cibocal Board requires less effort, there are other factors that you need to consider.
A larger knife has a broader blade resulting in you having more hand clearance above the board. In addition its longer blade positions the handle beyond the back of the board, both real advantages for those with misshapen hands.
 You can use any size between 152mm to 254mm (6” to 10”). The larger the knife, the less effort required. The point of the knife is retained by the biased bar, giving you more control and confidence using a larger knife.


Victorinox the company behind the iconic Swiss Army knife, is one of the favourite cutlery brands among professional chefs, butchers and accomplished home cooks.
The ClassicSwiss Chef range has a comfortable moulded ridge handle, minimising wrist tension. Optimum blade hardness with laser-tested cutting angle guarantee high edge retention and ensure they are razor sharp, straight out of the box. 
These knives combine superbly with the Cibocal Boards, ensuring easier and safer cutting, chopping and slicing. 
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A Swedish made ergonomically designed chef knife, suitable for people with repetitive strain, tendinitis, arthritis or impaired hand function. The handle’s grip is a large 27x32mm (1.1 x 1.3") giving a good contact surface for the fingers and hand, ensuring the knife fits naturally.
Use on it’s own or combine with a Cibocal Board for effortless cutting, chopping and slicing.
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A word about cheap knives

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Some ‘economy’ knives have unpolished edges along the spine (top of blade), which will mark the boards stainless steel bar. It won’t affect the performance of the cutting board, but it will affect the long term appearance of the bar.  We recommend you check your knives and if you find your knives spine has sharp edges, you can use the bottom of a pottery or ceramic cup or mug to hone the edges and finish with a knife steel (sharpener), to prevent marking the stainless bar.
The chances are if the spine of the knife has not been polished, then the knives cutting edge may not be that great either.