UX Design

When I'm not developing new kitchen gadgets, I'm helping small business owners put together smart and affordable websites, which they can then go on and manage themselves.

There is now a number of smart and affordable online website building tools available. You no longer have to rely on a dedicated website developer to create your own compelling website. While there is a big focus on the look and style of a website, the content is often overlooked, almost treated as an after thought.

My approach is to get the business owner to create their content before they even think about creating the site.  I have developed a Website Content Builder [WCB] using Google Docs.  The WCB uses a range of template pages featuring text panels with brief description of the content required and links for additional reading. The WCB is constantly evolving as I work with different clients. 

If you are interested in using the WCB to develop your own website content, just get in touch here.