Stirex Ergonomic U-2 Chef Knife 20cm/8-inch


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    • The Stirex ergonomic chef knife features a textured finish right angled handle, manufactured using a durable food grade polypropylene plastic.
    • The knife's slip-resistant handle ensures a safe grip, using the strength of the arm to increase leverage to cut, chop, slice and dice, requiring less effort and minimising fatigue.
    • Safe to use in the dishwasher; non-staining stainless steel blade for no fuss, rapid clean up.
    • Stirex cook knives are a perfect solution for anyone living with arthritis, repetitive strain injury (RSI), tendinitis or any long term illness or condition resulting in impaired hand function.
    • The clever ergonomic design helps reduce any pain or discomfort in your joints, when preparing meals in the kitchen.


    • Blade length: 20cm / 8-inch
    • Weight: 165g / 5.3-oz
    • Designed and manufactured in Sweden


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