Cutting Edge Chopping Boards

A simple food preparation system designed for all ages and abilities.

Cooking should not be a chore, but pleasurable and satisfying. Cibocal chopping boards have been created with simplicity, ease of use and safety in mind.

The non-slip mat is placed beneath the cutting board, preventing the board from moving on the bench during use. The non -slip mat also assists the Cibocal Food Scoop to be fitted easily to either end of the board.

The mat can also be used to grip jar lids and bottle tops, particularly for anyone with impaired hand function or a weak grip.

The board is able to be placed upside down over the edge of a bench or sink, creating a conventional cutting surface. This second work surface can be used to avoid any potential cross contamination of foods.

The board stands unsupported on a bench, shelf or cupboard. This enables it to air dry, minimising any build up of  bacteria, as a result of being stored flat, when put away damp. In addition the resulting small footprint, makes it simple to store and easily accessible.

The board is easily picked and carried with just one hand, using the bar as a handle. This bonus feature enables anyone to pick up the board from a flat surface and  load and unload a dishwasher basket or sink.

Another feature of the board is it’s ability to store the Cibocal Food Scoop.

The scoop clips lightly to the board, ensuring it’s freely available for tasks around the kitchen. Its retained on the board in such a way that it’s able to air dry, making clean up easier and faster.

We have put together a range of combination board and knife sets at a special price.

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